Understanding Infrared Immersion Therapy and its many benefitsUnderstanding Infrared Immersion Therapy and its many benefits

A day of self-care and pampering goes a long way in ensuring a stress-free day. A day at the spa offers one a perfect escape from the hustle of daily life. Moreover, gone are the days when spas only offered skin rejuvenation services and beauty treatments. Now, most spas offer holistic therapies for the wellbeing of the body, mind, and soul. Besides this, many spas have incorporated modern treatments like red light skin therapy and infrared spa services.

Infrared spa treatments are some of the most advanced and innovative therapies that offer detoxification and relaxation benefits. Infrared therapies also come in handy in treating various skin and body related issues like cellulite, acne, body pain, etc.  

Understanding Infrared Immersion Therapy

Infrared immersion includes infrared spa treatments that involve the use of far-infrared radiation or FIR. the FIR is used to encourage the natural release of toxins from the body through sweat. The FAR infrared light waves are not visible to the naked eyes but can be felt as heat. When the body is exposed to the far-infrared radiation, various effects start to happen inside the body. Improved blood circulation and low blood pressure are some of the most common effects of infrared heat. Improved blood circulation further offers health benefits like relief from pain, reduced fatigue, and weight management.

A study has revealed that far-infrared radiation treatments are also effective in reducing inflammation. This is why some of the largest tanning salon chains offer infrared therapy after vertical tanning sessions to encourage skin cell regeneration. 

Health benefits of infrared spa service

Many studies have showcased that FIR treatments have significant potential to treat a comprehensive variety of health problems. If done correctly, infrared treatment can help one keep their heart health in check. People with diabetes also find help with FIR as it helps regulate the level of insulin in the body. Since FIR therapy detoxifies the body and flushes out toxins from the body, it reduces inflammation due to oxidative stress.

Body detoxification further helps the body by increasing circulation, improving metabolism, improving digestion, pain-relief, and more.

How is FIR different from a sauna?

Traditional Sauna and Far Infrared therapy are heat treatments that encourage sweating. So, one might wonder how the two are different. While it’s true that both sauna and infrared therapy produces heat that promoting sweating, they use a different heat source.

In a traditional or conventional sauna, the person has to sit inside an enclosed room. Inside the room, the temperature is high, which makes the person sweat. On the other hand, the light’s head is penetrated deep inside the skin cells. In FIR infrared therapy, there is no need to increase the temperature of the room. Since the heat goes directly into the body in FIR therapy, it results in vigorous sweating.

When you sweat naturally, your body releases 3-5 percent of toxins from the body. However, vigorous sweating encourages the body to remove 20% of the toxins. Some of the most common toxins released through sweat are environmental pollutants, organic acids, ammonia, alcohol, nicotine, BPAs, etc.